Review: Catalyst

My return to blogging was done with the idea that I wouldn’t put any pressure on myself, and I would only read books that I would read even if I wasn’t blogging. Well, right now I’ve kind of felt like reading Star Wars books. I’m sorry to my followers who don’t come here for this.

But to be honest, my blog is such a hodgepodge I’m honestly not entirely sure what any of you are here for. Maybe you’re all here for different things, and since I don’t know what those things are, it’s hard to target my posts to my audience. So I guess I’ll just write whatever hodgepodge posts I want to write. I have to hit the mark sometimes that way.

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Review: Girl in the Blue Coat

Well, would you look at this? A review! Not a tag! Hah! Will wonders never cease?

I read this book several days ago, but haven’t taken the time to review it. And then today I realised that if I don’t review it soon, it won’t be as fresh in my head anymore. Don’t have any spoiler-y things to rant about with this one, so we’ll just do a review this time. Continue reading “Review: Girl in the Blue Coat”

Random Roundup: Reviews

Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve actually done one of my Sunday roundups. Things have been crazy, but I think they’re finally settling down. Speaking of things I said I was going to do, I also didn’t end up posting part 2 of my rant about The Last Star on Friday, like I said I would, but that should be coming out pretty soon. Anyway, I think I’ll be able to give this blog more attention again. So that’s good. Continue reading “Random Roundup: Reviews”