On Fahrenheit 451 and Books as Objects

I have been wanting to do this post ever since rereading Fahrenheit 451, and I haven’t gotten around to it. And now, quite a couple of months have gone by (???!!!), so I can no longer even say that I “just reread” the book. But anyway, I’m still pretty excited to talk about this, so I think it must be a good topic.

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Revisiting The Book Thief

Hello everyone,

I’ve decided that I’m long overdue for a rereading of The Book Thief. In my own opinion, it is one of the very best works of fiction to come out of the 21st century so far, in absolutely every way. The writing is peculiar and glorious, the themes are powerful and profoundly explored, the setting is well-evoked, the characters are some of the most memorable and wonderful and lifelike people I have ever met in the pages of a book. I would say that this book represents YA at its absolute finest. In fact, I want to talk about YA in terms of this novel just briefly, before getting into what I meant to get into. It’s a tangent, yes, but I’ve long wanted to do a post about this and if I keep putting it off, I probably never will.

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The Strange Case of Popularity’s Effect on a Book

I’ve always wanted to read The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but despite its being a very short book, and despite the fact that it’s been sitting right there on my shelf for almost a year, I just never really got around to it. My brother had read it, and because we usually have pretty similar opinions on books, I asked him if he recommended it. I was surprised by his response.  Continue reading “The Strange Case of Popularity’s Effect on a Book”

My Bookish History Tag

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