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Here at (Over)Analysing Literature, we have a pretty big team. We have a researcher—that’s me. We have someone to write the posts—that’s me, too. We have someone to fix the glitchy things that happen—also me. We have someone to go out and find books to talk about—also me. We have a terrible photographer—me as well. And we have a graphic designer—her name is Chloe, and she is me.

I think you get where I’m going with this: I need some help over here! I enjoy doing everything on my blog, but it’s very time-consuming, and I also have a day-job. I had to take a very long break from blogging recently because I just couldn’t keep up with it anymore. I could really use some support so that I can get this content out more regularly.

If you enjoy my blog posts and would like to support me, then please head over to my Patreon page.

Thank you, and have a lovely day!