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What’s one of the best things about books? The fact that if you give a bunch of people the same book to read, they’re all going to come away with a slightly different take on it. So obviously, discussion is highly encouraged on this blog.

That said, we need to have some ground rules in place to ensure that the discussion experience remains a positive one. I think rules sounds a bit to strict for something as informal as discussion, so we’re going to call them guidelines.commenting guidelines

  • If you wouldn’t say it at a tea party that includes such guests as your mother, your grandmother, your great-grandmother, and Queen Victoria, please do not say it on my blog. (In other words, no profanity or general foulness.)
  • I don’t really mind texting abbreviations, especially really well-known ones such as “LOL,” but bear in mind that I’m not familiar with most of them. If it’s going to send a lot of people googling, just type it out, please.
  • Trolling, hate, or personal attacks against authors, books, fellow commenters, or myself will not be tolerated.
  • In line with the previous bullet, discussions should never dissolve into outright arguments. We’re not in kindergarten. Someone might disagree with you, but guess what? It will be okay.
  • Read your comment before hitting send, because only I can delete it once you do.
  • Most importantly, always share your honest opinion, even if you disagree with me. ESPECIALLY if you disagree with me.

These guidelines are subject to change. I will edit or delete comments that are in violation of these guidelines (i.e. I might edit the profanity out of an otherwise acceptable comment, but will delete a hate comment).

Thank you for keeping the discussions safe and friendly. Happy commenting!

Do you have any questions about this policy? Submit them here.

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