Epic Reads Tag

Hello everyone! I found this tag on limdir’s blog (which you should go and check out, by the way!). I wasn’t exactly tagged, but he did suggest to everyone that they should do it. In fact, his exact words were “I highly suggest doing it yourself!” (italics and bold mine). You can’t argue with a high suggestion, now can you? Continue reading “Epic Reads Tag”

Because I Have Inadequate Respect for Relaxing Mornings

I love the idea of a relaxing Sunday morning, I do. I just don’t really do the whole relaxing thing in general. When I hear “relaxing,” I automatically think, “boring.” Yeah. I just do not do that. So instead of relaxing on my Sunday morning, I decided to do this.  Continue reading “Because I Have Inadequate Respect for Relaxing Mornings”

How To Set Up An Inspiring Workspace, Part 1

If you write blog posts, stories, or poems, or if you make videos or draw or paint—no matter what you do, you need a place to do it, right? You need a workspace.

That workspace can be your couch or random coffee shops or the local library or a hot air balloon, if you like. But sometimes it’s nice to have a desk as well, if you have the ability to do so. Now, I’ve had some people tell me that they never get any work done at their desk. One possible reason is that they haven’t set up a workspace that is inspiring and right for them. So today, I’m going to share some tips for doing just that.  Continue reading “How To Set Up An Inspiring Workspace, Part 1”

Soppy (But True) Sentiments

Hello everyone!

I was going to do something really awesome when I hit 100 follows, but I couldn’t think of anything awesome to do. (I think one must possess awesomeness as a quality in order to do awesome things.) And now I’m a bit past that mark, and I did absolutely nothing.

But I still want to tell you guys how much I appreciate you! So get ready for soppiness and sentiment. Soppiness and sentiment are not my style, but I need to get over that and tell people how I feel. Or whatever. So here we go.  Continue reading “Soppy (But True) Sentiments”

Because There is Nothing More Fun than Other People’s Vacation Photos

Hello everyone! I’m back from my little trip. I only read one and a half books, (or…actually less than that because I was nearly done with The Thirteenth Tale before I left) but I had a great time. I absolutely love Seattle and never get tired of going there.  I’m quite fortunate in that I live less than a day away from it.

I thought this evening that I’d just share some photos with you. Because, as everyone knows, nothing is more exciting than seeing someone else’s vacation photos! (It’s sarcasm. I’m being sarcastic.)

*pulls out dusty projector and passes out popcorn*

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5 Things I Learned in My First Month of Blogging

Happy anniversary!

I simply cannot believe that it has been a month. But sure enough, it has. The fourteenth of March was when I started this blog; therefore, it has been a month.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has followed and supported me. I’ve had blogs in the past, but this one has definitely been the most fun, and it’s thanks to all of you!

Here are five things I’ve learned in my first month of blogging.

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