The “What Do I Think About Art Tag”

In which I attempt to analyse art. 

I know I’ve been doing a lot of tags lately, but really awesome people keep tagging me for awesome tags! This one was from orchidsarefascinating over at the charming blog Mismatched Socks. I’m ashamed to say that I had never previously visited her blog, but when I went over there yesterday and today and read some posts, I thoroughly enjoyed them. Also, we have some stuff in common. For example, I was also homeschooled, and I, too, love The Three Musketeers. Which means that if you read this blog, you’ll probably love hers as well! So open this link in another tab, finish reading this post (please, because I don’t want to be left talking to myself), then go check out that blog!

Now on to the tag!


  • Copy the piece of art given to you by your nominator into the post, as well as these rules
  • Analyze the piece of art given to you and what it means to you (you can be as abstract as you like)
  • Nominate 5 people to analyze another piece of art of your choice.

This is super cool because I love to analyse things (well, I mean…I suppose it wasn’t necessary to inform you of that) but I usually contain that to books, people, and every social interaction I have ever had in my entire life since the day I was born.

I do love art though, and have studied a good bit of art history, and enjoy visiting art museums. I don’t typically spend much time analysing it, though. So let’s try this!

“Bulb Fields” or “Flower Beds in Holland” by Vincent van Gogh

Side note: I am a huge fan of Van Gogh. (But honestly, who isn’t?)

If you just read the title of the painting, it sounds cheerful and charming. But the painting itself is a little more complex than that. The bottom half, with the neat little flower beds, is colourful, yet the colours are muted and subdued, neatly contained like the flowers are in their orderly beds.

As you move along to the top half of the painting, you see drab, squat little houses and bare branches that reach up starkly against the sky. This sky is filled with clouds, which are a dirty, stormy colour. It’s a bit of an ominous sky. There’s something uneasy about it. The way the clouds bend down all the way to the horizon, completely enveloping the scene, makes it feel a little claustrophobic.

The only human figure in the painting, a man who is tending the flowers, is very small. Something that is interesting, if not really relevant, is that his shirt is the same colour as that of the sky that is visible (or at least, they’re both blue, and I’m going to assume they’re the same shade of blue, even though I can’t really tell. Maybe that’s why I don’t usually analyse art…). And his pants are the same colour as the ground. I suppose it does serve to link the composition together, with his top half coordinating with the top half of the painting, and his bottom half with the bottom part of the painting.

This painting makes me feel a little uneasy. It’s a peaceful enough scene, but it seems as though something is about to happen. It’s as if there’s a turbulence lurking beneath the subdued, orderly surface.

Gah, that was difficult! I think I’m going to stick to appreciating art but not analysing it, from now on. It was fun, though!

I Tag…

Anyone who feels like doing it! It’s a neat idea, especially for those of us who are more used to talking about books.

And I’d Like You to Analyse…

Image result for puget sound on the pacific coast
Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast by Albert Bierstadt

A few months ago my brother Keegan and I went to the Seattle Art Museum, and when I saw this painting, it stirred a lot of emotion for some reason. It’s not even my usual preferred art style, but it was powerful. So I’m curious to hear what others think/feel in response to this painting.

While I was looking for that title in my journal, I found some other stuff I jotted down from that visit that made me chuckle.

My brother, regarding this portrait: “That face when you have to pose for the next ten hours but then you remember you left the stove on.”

Image result for italian room seattle art museum portrait

A random lady I overheard, talking to her husband about Mann und Maus: “Look. It’s an artist’s interpretation of our house.”

Image result for mann und maus

Okay, that’ll do it for this post! Thank you so much, orchidsarefascinating, for tagging me! I really enjoyed doing this tag!

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8 thoughts on “The “What Do I Think About Art Tag”

      1. I went to school before too, but now I love homeschooling! I’m sad that you had to leave because you got sick, but it’s cool that you got to experience homeschooling and loved it.

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      2. Yeah, I wasn’t really sad about leaving school because I really didn’t like public school. I did like it when I was in elementary, but I went to a pretty terrible middle school. So I was pretty glad to leave! Homeschooling is nice because it affords more opportunity to move at your own pace and focus in on what interests you. I took multiple English classes at a time, so I ended up graduating early. 🙂

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