Random Roundup: Reviews

In which I have gathered 5 of my book reviews. 

Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve actually done one of my Sunday roundups. Things have been crazy, but I think they’re finally settling down. Speaking of things I said I was going to do, I also didn’t end up posting part 2 of my rant about The Last Star on Friday, like I said I would, but that should be coming out pretty soon. Anyway, I think I’ll be able to give this blog more attention again. So that’s good.

Here are 5 of my reviews:

1. Review: A Little In Love

review a little in love

This was the first review I ever did on this blog. It’s not even that much of a review, but what can I say? I was inexperienced.

Just kidding, I’m still terrible at reviews.

2. Review: The Thirteenth Tale

review 13 tale

In which I tried so hard not to spoil anyone that I barely said anything meaningful about the book. It was also incredibly confusing, and left my opinion of the book up for interpretation. Good times.

3. Review: All the Light We Cannot See

all the light review

In which I recommended and rated highly a book that I hated.

4. Review: I Am the Messenger

i am the messenger review

This book, though. Amazing.

5. Review: The 5th Wave

review the 5th wave

This review will always be significant as the first book that I reviewed in my rant/review format. I’m still really enjoying this structure because it really allows me to say everything I want to say, while still offering a non-spoiler review for those who’ve not read it.

Okay! That was all for this roundup. To see all of my reviews, visit the reviews category.

Have a lovely day!

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