Hello! My Name Is Chloe, and I Am Not a Real Blogger.

In which I’m honest and open about my insecurities 

I’m going to be pretty open and candid in this post, and hopefully some of you will be able to relate. I’ve been thinking about this all day, and I’m ready to talk. So have a cup of tea, and let’s talk.

Some Small Facts About Me

Not the fun little facts I’ve had to come up with in all those tags and awards, which I am so tremendously horrible at. These are a different kind of facts.

  • I am hide-under-the-covers terrified of other bloggers.
  • I have gone back and deleted posts many times.
  • I feel like I don’t quite have a right to talk to anyone who has been blogging for more like, one hour.
  • When people say something nice about me or my blog, I fall out of my chair.
  • I have this idea that no one actually reads my posts, so when someone leaves a comment or says something about me that could only come from paying attention, I pretty much die.

In short, I’m insecure, and I feel like I shouldn’t be talking to any of you. You guys are too awesome for me. What are you doing here?


What is Happening? No Idea.


I think part of this insecurity comes from the fact that I knew nothing about the book blogging community when I started this blog. I wanted to blog about Les Miserables about books, and I started a blog. And I started posting stuff about books. And also just silly stuff. And that’s still what I’m doing today.

But I follow all these really awesome book blogs, and they all have these regular tags and abbreviations and book hauls and they do these structured reviews and know what books are coming out and what books are cool…In short, they know what they’re doing.

Increasingly, I’m starting to feel like I’ve got my nose pressed against the glass of the book blogging community, and I’m just: “Hey. Hello. I like books.”

Confession: The other day at Barnes and Noble, I spent most of my time staring at the display: “What Teens Are Reading This Summer,” trying to decide if any of the books looked like something I could be interested in, so that I could read some of them and be all hip and relatable over here.

I realise all the cool book bloggers had to start somewhere, but I don’t envision myself ever getting to where they are. I dislike structure and adore pointless rants far too much.

So it’s like, there’s BOOK BLOGS and then there’s my book blog

Sure, I have calendars and a notebook of post ideas and stuff, but what’s really happening is that I’m just posting what I feel like, when I feel like it, and pretending it’s a plan.

You Guys Are So Incredibly Kind, But Scary

I’m secretly scared of all of you. Even the super nice ones I love to pieces.

Every time I comment on one of your posts, I feel like I’m bothering you. In fact, every time I hit “publish” on one of my posts, I have a mini-heart attack. Do I post too much? I don’t want to take up room in your reader. Maybe I should have scheduled that one for a week from now.

And following blogs! Some of you may have heard me say (because I’ve said it over and over) that the about page is the first thing I check on a blog I haven’t visited before. That’s true, but it’s also a fact that I often also check how many followers a person has. If they have anywhere near 100, I follow, but it’s a thousand times more stressful to leave a comment. If they have thousands, I still probably follow, but I feel really bad about it somehow.

You see, I have this theory that at some level of success, people must get kind of annoyed by new followers. Like they’re going about their day, writing their amazing posts, and this WordPress notification comes up: “QuirkyVictorian and 193,953,045,435,434,534,645 bajillion others followed your blog, Super Awesome Successful Book Blog.” And they just kind of roll their eyes.

I don’t want to interrupt them, you know?

I Try Not To Look At Stats

It’s not for the reasons you might think.  It’s not views, visitors, likes, or comments that gets me worried. It’s just one stat in particular. And that is…


The Latest Post Summary!

This. This is the kind of thing I’m talking about:


I see this, and my thoughts go something like this: 16 views and only 4 likes? Well, what about those other 12 views?!  What went wrong there? They did not like. They must have actively disliked.  They hated it, and now they hate me. That was it. The last straw. The post that finally tipped the balance out of my favour. I’ll have to delete my blog! I’ll just delete my blog and disappear. Everyone is just too nice to unfollow me, but they’ve had enough. And it’s been 2 hours?! Things are not looking good! This is a disaster! My worst post yet!!!

This stat is the kind of thing that results in my anxiously scrutinising the post to find the offending detail, when for all I know, only 4 people viewed the post and one person just refreshed the page 12 times. (I mean, it could happen.)

So I don’t look at stats. I can’t handle that kind of stress in my life.

But Here’s The Thing

Maybe you’re with me on all these things, and know exactly what I’m talking about. Or maybe you’re just feeling incredibly sorry for me. But if you do relate; if you, too, feel like a fraud and have trouble considering yourself a “real” blogger, then listen up:

If you have a blog, you are a blogger.
Your blog does not have to be like other people’s blogs, even if those other blogs are successful.
In all likelihood, successful bloggers like followers and comments almost as much as the rest of us.
You are good enough to talk to anyone you want to, because you’re awesome.

I mean it, guys. It’s true. It’s a scientific fact that anything typed in centre alignment is like, automatic wise words and completely true. So believe it. You’re wonderful. You all are so amazing and I’m so happy every time I see your posts in my reader.

And if any of you ever feel intimidated to interact with me—

*laughs hysterically* *coughs* *chokes* *dies* *wipes tears from eyes* *wheezes*

Okay, yeah, unlikely, but you never know—in the highly unlikely scenario that any of you are intimidated by me, please don’t be. You have no idea how much it makes my day to hear from you guys. Truly.

So there you go. Those were my extremely honest and candid confessions. Just putting it all out there for you to do with it as you will.

Have a lovely day!

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87 thoughts on “Hello! My Name Is Chloe, and I Am Not a Real Blogger.

  1. Oh my gosh, I need an audio recording of this post that I can play to myself every time I log into WordPress. I started my blog because, like you, I wanted to gush about the books I read, but I can’t help but feel there’s a pressure on book bloggers to read the latest YA books in order to keep up with what’s happening in the blogosphere. I’m also consistently told that commenting on other blogger’s posts and interacting with them is one of the best ways to get more involved in the online bookish community, but I share the fear that my comments will be annoying and can totally relate to feeling like an outsider looking in. This post is wonderful, and your blog overall is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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  2. I try not to pay too much attention to page views. I’m not entirely sure how they work because sometimes two people “like” a post and yet the post is listed as having zero page views. It’s possible more people are reading your blog than your stats let on!

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  3. Thank you for this post ❤ I am new to the world of blogging, My heart breaks when no one likes my posts or when no one even views my posts. The stats page is depressing when you are starting out 😦 Thank you for the uplifting and motivating words. Love your witting style, your honesty and you shouldn't be scared!! Your blog is Great ❤

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  4. I think this post is relatable to many of us, even the “successful ones”. (After all, success is a subjective term, is it not?) At the end of the day, we just have to blog for us, I think. Blog because we enjoy it, because we are our own biggest fans. 🙂

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  5. This is a wonderful post and very relatable! I know that I’m kind of insecure about certain aspects of this new blogging thing I’m doing. Like, I’m socially awkward, so I’m still working on how to express myself naturally in posts, but I also worry that if I express too much, I’ll just be annoying and scare everyone away… My writing skills aren’t amazing, but that’s okay because this is partially supposed to help me with that. I DO want to try more writing, so I can make stories. I also worry that because of my inexperience, I won’t find other awesome people who I can relate to through books, which is also part of my goal. But what am I saying, I just started this month! So I know that I need to calm down first and just see how this goes. *fidgets*
    I’m also working on creating/discovering new blog ideas (because I don’t just want to copy everyone), but I’m still waiting on inspiration. Patience!
    Also, I kind of wish the stats section wasn’t the first to pop up on ‘my site’ because I REALLY try not to look at it, so I don’t get attached and think that’s all that matters for meeting other people. BUT IT’S ALWAYS RIGHT THERE o_o
    I only just discovered your blog, but from what I see, it’s great! I like your style 😉

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    1. I’m glad you found this relatable. And yes, especially if you just started you shouldn’t be hard on yourself. I definitely know what it is to be socially awkward. And good point about it being right there! WordPress, we would like you to move the stats!!!

      Thank you so much! That’s very sweet of you to say. 🙂


  6. THIS IS SUCH A GREAT POST. It’s something that I definitely feel, and I think a lot of other people do too. I don’t feel like a blogger or a writer. I feel like I’m a person trying to be that. Also, I’m a horribly jealous person who needs to stop looking at stats. But you’re right — I think it’s just super important to remember that if you blog then you’re a blogger! It isn’t a magic transformation.
    Also: *whispers* Les Mis?!? yesss

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    1. Thank you! I agree so much with the pretending thing. And I think it has more to do with our own personal insecurities than outside measurements. Like, I know even if I published 20 novels and had a gazillion followers, it wouldn’t be enough to shut up my insecurities. It’s an internal issue and cannot be fixed through outside validation. Anyway, I like that sentence: “It isn’t a magic transformation.” *whispers back* I am completely obsessed with that book and I’ve stopped even trying to hide it!

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  7. I hear what you’re saying…for what it’s worth, it is much appreciated when you comment, but now that I know the angst it causes you, I am doubly humbled and can’t thank you enough for pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone…you are awesome (I thought that before your confession, and it holds true, still). Thanks for sharing…courage is such an admirable quality, and you have it in spades 🙂


  8. Brilliant post. I just saw this, actually your last post brought me here *sheepish grin*. I don’t check my reader enough.
    But I have to say that I agree with everything you said. Being a blogger is full of insecurities; especially when we know that being yourself is important and yet we are affected by other blogs so much. And honestly, what one likes in a blog is completely subjective. There’s no set, structured way to run a blog, and as long as we’re doing something, we’re blogging. I, for example, like order and structure in book blogs but have come to enjoy random silly posts SO much (one of the reasons why I love your blog). But at the same time, I know that that randomness will never come to me and I have to stick to what I do and earlier there was a time when I used to envy what others could do and I couldn’t, whereas now I just accept it and appreciate both mine and the other person’s work.

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    1. Heh, I’m not always the best at checking my reader either. You’re so right about sticking to what works for you and what comes naturally to you. You can’t be like any other blogger, and why would you want to? They already are doing what they’re doing and doing a great job at it. The reason we all follow more than one blog is because each one is unique, and that’s the whole point. 🙂

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  9. Your blog is cool. Be a real blogger and express what’s in your mind. WordPress will change you trust me. This is my swcond year of blogging and i can tell you blogging is the best thing that happen to me

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  10. I love this so much. What’s ironic is that I saw this post pop up on my reader and I put it away for later for when I had more time. This was because you mentioned in one of your award nominations that you prefer the insightful comments that usually sparks discussions. I was scared that I would say something pointless or stupid which would disappoint you.
    Chloe, your blog is super interactive and unique. The rants are some of my fav bits about this blog and I am never bored reading any of your posts. I’m really proud of how far you’ve come.

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    1. Oh, don’t ever be scared of that. Ever. You couldn’t disappoint me, and nothing you ever say is stupid. Thank you so much for your lovely, kind words. You’re wonderful. 🙂


  11. Woah! Chloe! these thoughts are damn true, i mean its great you confessed, from the stats to the too many posts problem…. all were quiet relatable. But seriously? great job on your blog! you are doing quite well. I wish i would do the same. and not only you and me but all of the other fellow bloggers.
    cheers to newcomer bloggers
    love, ❤

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  12. *slow clap*
    Girl, you’re amazing and I love you and your blog. I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes I feel like a total poser. And while it’s good to draw inspiration and ideas from established bloggers, ultimately we want to hear from you! You’re doing awesome. Honestly, I look up to you and your blog in so many ways.

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  13. First of all: I love (and can relate to) this post so much.

    Second: Your blog is fantastic; your posts are thoughtful, and interesting, and uniquely you, all of which are A+ in my book. Obviously I haven’t been following you for long, but I’m excited when I see your posts pop up in my reader, and I look forward to reading everything you post in the future!

    Third: I’m especially glad you wrote this, because I’d been hesitant to leave replies on your posts. To be frank, your icon intimidated me; it looks like it’s glaring at me for interrupting its reading. I was worried you might be grumpy about random strangers barging into your blog and posting comments all over it. Now I know better. 🙂

    Fourth: Engaging with other bloggers is tough, both on an emotional level (it can be scary, and exhausting) and on a, uh, temporal level. I’m currently following about 140 bloggers, and I’m determined to read and support as many of their posts as physically possible; but if I commented on every (or even a quarter) of the posts published every day, I’d be doing nothing with my life but writing and responding to comments! I’m always worried that people will think I didn’t read their posts, just because I Liked them but didn’t comment. Bah. I compromise by (almost) never reading the weekly themed posts (Waiting on Wednesday, Top Five things, etc.). That gives me more time to comment on everyone’s original posts, as much as I can.

    Fifth: I’m kind of with you on the hesitation to follow super-popular blogs; for me, the hesitation is about the return on my time/emotional investment, though. I prefer to follow other small-bloggers (let’s say, under 300 followers) because I think they’ll be more likely to really engage with me in conversation, squeeing, debate, etc. I’ll still follow the major blogs if their content strikes me as interesting, but I’m much less likely to comment on their posts.

    I could keep talking, but I’m afraid I’m taking too much space already. In short: thank you for this post. I’m really glad to have read it. 🙂

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    1. Okay, the icon thing is making me laugh a little because I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the INTJ “Death Glare” but it’s my resting facial expression in real life, and I’ve had a lot of people tell me it makes them nervous to approach me. So it’s pretty hilarious that I unwittingly created an icon that has the same effect. At least it’s accurate? Anyway, don’t be intimidated by me. I’m not intimidating in any way. I’m 5’2″ tall, I walk into walls constantly, and my best friends are my dogs, one of which doesn’t even really like me. And more blogging specific, my posts are rambly and unprofessional. So, nothing intimidating here!

      I know what you mean! I stopped following everyone who followed me because I want to have time to read the posts from the blogs I really love. I hope it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings that I don’t automatically follow back, but on the plus side, it means a lot when I do follow your blog.

      Exactly! I want to have great conversations with the people I follow, and I feel like the big blogs are too busy for that/already have their blogging friends that they talk to.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this post, and thank you for leaving such a lengthy and thoughtful comment! It made me really happy. And I’m sorry, but I’m still a little amused about the icon thing! 🙂

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      1. Ahaha, I love “Death Glare.” That’s a bit more polite than the name I know it by. 🙂

        You’re right: you sound awesome, not intimidating. What kind of dogs do you have?

        Not automatically following bloggers back sounds like something I should be doing, too. But yeah, I’d be worried about hurting people’s feelings by not following back. Let’s see if I can work up the determination to stand firm and only follow back those people whose content I get genuinely excited about. (Wish me luck.)

        Glad I gave you a snicker with my icon confession! 😀

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      2. I have a golden retriever who loves everyone and a chihuaua/dachshund mix who hates everyone. 🙂 Not following all my followers was a tough decision, but it’s nice to be able to open my reader and only find posts I care about there.

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  14. I absolutely LOVEEEE this post, which is weird because it highlights your insecurities but it’s also because I share the same!! Especially the stats one! I get so butt hurt when a post has 20 views but only 3 likes! You have a great blog and I love that you made this post because a lot of book bloggers out there especially just starting up will relate!

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  15. Your post was totally relatable.
    I am scared too, (well to be honest even commenting on this one’s not easy) as I jst started and I jst have 11 follow ups…u see not as good as you are…
    And I jst write about anything that strikes my mind…and obviously do not get much appreciated, but m trying as that’s all I can do.
    But it was nice to relate to someone in the world of all these professionals.

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  16. THIS POST. THIS. THIS RIGHT HERE. I have not read anything as accurate as this. When I started blogging I actually had no idea book blogging was a thing and I had no idea how my blog should look. I kid you not when I say it was so random. Then after a month I saw more book blogs and realised I was on the periphery of it all. I tried a book haul post (which I probably won’t do again) and other things that most book bloggers do, but I realised that it’s just not me. People follow your book blog because you have something new to offer. I look forward to your posts because of that. Forget the animal farm mentality of “all book blogs are equal, but some book blogs are more equal than others.” It really doesn’t matter how many likes or views you have as long as you post what makes you happy. I prefer sincere comments to 100 likes.

    About your stats – have you ever thought that you have a lot of views because people subscribed to your blog are reading your posts. Not WordPress followers, but others? Just a thought. And also, your point about interaction is spot on. Sometimes I’m afraid to start conversations with bloggers and I just stick to the ones I know. But then I thought, what’s the worst that can happen if I comment? Don’t all book bloggers want to talk about books? Aren’t we in the same boat? Starting this book blog was a great idea for me because I can talk about all the books I want to with people who actually want to hear it. And if they don’t, they don’t have to read it. No one’s forcing them to.

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    1. This comment made me smile so much. Well, I follow your blog and look forward to your posts for the same reason. Your blog just seems really genuine and I don’t think you’re trying to be like anyone else. Love the Animal Farm reference, by the way! I agree, too, about the sincere comments vs. lots of likes. I’ve always said I’d rather have a small band of loyal followers who actually discuss books with me than a whole bunch of followers who hit like on my posts as they scroll past.

      I hadn’t thought of that, actually! And that’s true. If someone sincerely hated comments, they wouldn’t be blogging. They would just keep a journal about books or talk to themself about books or something.

      Anyway, thank you so much for your kind comment!

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      1. Aw, thank you! I sure hope it doesn’t look like I’m trying to be anyone else, because I’m not.
        I know right! Comments always make me so happy. I have to admit, I’m really insecure about my posts. I struggle to click the publish buttons because it’s not like I’m writing in my diary. All my followers can see it. Can see my thoughts written down. Sometimes I read over them again and groan because there’s a spelling mistake or something. But you’re all so lovely, and you don’t mention it.

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      2. Everything you just said about struggling to publish your posts is so true for me! I’ve gone back and changed things because I felt it was too personal, but then, it’s not a professional thing exactly, or it shouldn’t be anyway. A blog SHOULD be personal.

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      3. Exactly! I read your posts because I see so much of you in it. Your personality is there. All I can ask of you is that you keep being you! We’re loving it 🙂

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  17. Oh darling I love you!! PLEASE comment on my page anytime!! I don’t like book blogs, but I LOVE your blog!! Because it does go off on tangents (like me). I also know nothing about blogging, (and don’t have a lot of time to devote to learn more) but I think your layout and blogs are GREAT! PLEASE keep the blogs coming and don’t delete them. My feeling is as long as you put your heart into it, then screw what everyone thinks. ❤

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  18. I totally understand your feeling about the world of book bloggers vs. your blog. I wrote a post a bit ago called “An Unpopular Opinion on Book Blogging” (https://rosereadblog.wordpress.com/2016/04/07/an-unpopular-opinion-on-book-blogging/) which I think you will relate to. I started my blog 3 years ago and only recently discovered the “book blog community.” So I totally get the feeling that you need to follow the trends and conventions and memes and whatevers. But the fact that you AREN’T exactly like every other book blog other there is exactly why I love your blog! I read a wide variety of books and it’s a breath of fresh air to see posts about classics on my reader rather than the constant stream of popular YA, so thank you! And I also adore it when people like and comment on my blogs, no matter who they are. I think it’s important to never delete posts or feel insecure about your writing because if you don’t take risks, you don’t get better. Stats are dumb. Write what you want and all will be well. You’ve found at least one follower who will support whatever you do 🙂 I also get that some posts are bad, but oh well, the next one will be better. I haven’t encountered any negativity or hate around the book blogging world, and I think everyone is super encouraging and not scary, and probably also insecure. I totally appreciate this post and I’m so glad you can be honest and open about this! xoxo

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I just went and read your post, and I agreed with everything you said there. I’m glad you enjoy my posts about classics; I enjoy writing them. I really enjoy how encouraging and positive the community is, and remembering that does help fight insecurity. Anyway, thanks again for your comment, and for linking me to your exceptional post.

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  19. SO agree with SO much of this. Blogging life can be hard. When you’re insecure and concerned about how people think of you in “real” life, blogging life feels just the same. My stats eventually rose, but it took a long, long time. Part of it was not knowing about things like, how to follow other blogs, post comments on other sites, etc. (the software in 2015 wasn’t the “new and improved” and less user-friendly, in my opinion). And I’m not the IT person… And blogging was not intentional, I decided to do it kind of spontaneously. So “self-promoting,” interacting, spreading the word that I was okay, could say something interesting, etc., took a while to happen. Once it did, my community began increasing.

    Be brave, Chloe. You are not alone. And personally I am really glad to have found your blog. Hopefully one day you’ll accept that you do deserve the praise we give you. 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome. Of course, I’m being perfectly honest…I so feel a lot of this. In my first several months of blogging, I couldn’t believe it every time I got another follower. It was so exciting. And now I’ve really found my niche and my voice and have stopped comparing my content to other “similar” blogs. The people who follow me fall into several different categories, because my content ranges between several subjects. It used to make me wonder if I should change my posts to center more on one or two things… But that simply isn’t what works for me, and apparently my subscribers really do read my blog because they enjoy it, seeing as I get a lot of positive feedback. So I’ll stop questioning and go with that. 🙂

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  20. The image of your face against the glass going “hello” made me laugh out loud. 😀
    Also you have a strange vision of what successful bloggers want. I really doubt new followers annoy anyone. 😂
    I definitely understand the part about going back and deleting stuff and worrying about posts that didn’t do so well. I’m used to getting around 10 comments, and the other day I only got 1, on a post I thought was pretty awesome, so it kind of ruined my day. But that just happens sometimes.

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    1. Haha, I might have been exaggerating about the new follower annoyance theory.

      Yeah, it happens, and if we let it get us down we wouldn’t blog anymore. Even on my most insecure day, I know there are people who really do enjoy my blog, and they motivate me. And even if no one read my posts, I’d be motivated by the fact that I have so many things to say, and sometimes this is my only place to say them.

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  21. Oh my goodness Chloe! Don’t ever say you’re not a real blogger! You’re my all time FAVOURITE book blogger!
    You don’t seem to follow the abbreviation trends, book hauls and whatnot… you are a genuine book lover! (Most of those “popular bloggers” may just faking their love of books to get more followers.. you never know! Haha)
    I don’t think we should compare ourselves with other people (not just blogging-wise, but in everything), we should only compare ourselves with our past selves, if that makes any sense…
    I think you should be proud of your blog and your skill to be so relatable and friendly through your posts.
    Lots of love thrown your way ♥ (and pleaseeee don’t stop posting, liking and commenting! The blogosphere needs you!)

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    1. Awww!!! What even…Thank you so much! I’m not sure what to say about this??? Thank you, I guess, is what I should say. Thank you!!! For what it’s worth, your blog has always come across the same way to me. You just seem very friendly and genuine.

      That’s probably the wisest thing I’ve read this morning. A good reminder. And thank you again! You need to stop making me smile so much!!! It’s not good for my face!!!

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  22. There are times when I feel like this too! However, I’ve realized that if you enjoy writing stuff on your blog and if people like it, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it makes me very happy to hear from my readers. Also, your blog has some pretty great posts!
    Oh, and, feel free to talk to me. I promise I’m not intimidating, haha. 🙂

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  23. I just want to say that it makes my day every time you, or someone else, comments/likes my posts. You always leave such thoughtful comments that show you reallllly read it, you didn’t just skim read, and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Please don’t EVER be afraid that you’re bothering me, that will never ever ever happen haha. Even if I had a bajillion subscribers I would still be just as excited to hear your thoughts on my writing! Your opinion is very valuable to me and I always feel so encouraged by your comments. I look forward to your posts so much and always have to read them as soon as I see them, even if I’m supposed to be somewhere 😛 I have a job trial tomorrow morning so I’ll have to be careful not to open my reader in case your excellent blog makes me late haha! Anyway, just keep doing what you’re doing, because what you’re doing is awesome and it makes my world better.

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    1. Aww! This comment just made me smile so much I think my face is going to crack. Thank you so much! You have no idea how much it means to me to hear you say such kind things. Your comments always make me so happy—actually it’s kind of funny because I shorten people’s usernames in my head, so you get called “sad” in my mind, and yet your comments are some of the most happiness-inducing. 🙂 Well, if I happen to post between now and then, I’ll temporarily title it: “DO NOT READ THIS, SADAPTATION! YOU CANNOT BE LATE!” 😛 Good luck with the job trial! And thank you for making my world better. 🙂

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      1. Aww! That is very sweet of you! Haha I’m glad my comments don’r reflect my blog name 😛 We can both relax about me being late to the trial because I made it on time, and I got the job – thanks for the good luck vibes! 🙂

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  24. 😀 I just ❤ this post!! All the feelings I feel about blogging are right here (no that sentence does not make sense)
    Hmm I just…post. Like people have calendar and notes on what to post and when and I just get crazy creative insomnia night once a month and schedule soo many posts.

    I feel the same way about stats! I avoid looking at it by all cost… but then I'm curious about the countries…

    I used to feel that way about following big accounts….and then I hit 500 followers and well I guess I've lost the right to call myself small blog haha but the truth is that 1/3 of those followers has quit or deleted their blogs or stuff (aka= they hate me :D), then everyone is busy with their blogs so I just am madly happy when people follow me and when they comment! I'm like I'm so going to befriend that person 😀

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    1. I don’t know that I’ll ever be structured about blogging. I either have a flood of ideas or absolutely zero. And insomnia does produce great floods of ideas. 🙂

      Haha, I always look at the countries too! I find them so fascinating.

      I don’t think there’s any point to blogging if followers and comments stop making you happy! It’s like the little reward for your hardwork, and also vital feedback as to how you’re doing.

      Anyway, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  25. Hey. Hello. I like books too 🙂
    I’m a new blogger too, just over 3 months. I can relate to pretty much everything you said here, although I am *trying* to put myself out there and just see what happens. All of the blogging advice I have read says “it’s a community, you have to like, comment and interact if you want to get the most out of blogging.”
    For some people, ‘getting the most out of blogging’ might translate to great stats, but for me it means making friends, sharing ideas and building my own confidence. The more I reach out and talk to people, the more my confidence grows. I completely agree with your centralised text wisdom!
    I’m quite a new follower of yours, but I really enjoy your posts and I’m looking forward to seeing more from you. You should have more confidence in yourself, you’re doing brilliantly! 😀 x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! It seems we have the same goals for blogging. I would much rather have a small handful of followers who interact with me than tons and tons of followers who just followed so I’d follow back. And I liked what you mentioned about confidence growing with interaction, because when I look back, that’s very true. I’m still insecure, but I’ve come a long ways.

      I really enjoy your posts as well, and likewise look forwards to more. Thanks again for your kind words. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  26. Your blog is wonderful and this post is absolutely adorable 😀 I think I’d go insane if I compared my blog to other people’s like you do, because my blog is so emphatically NOT like other people’s book blogs that it would just terrify me. Own who you are and how you blog – this is your personal space, to do whatever you want in! Even if you feel like it’s messy or contrary to the status quo, it’s YOURS, and I think that sense of ownership matters.

    Also I’m sure you were not talking about my blog in your “interaction with other people’s blogs” anxiety because I only have like 20 followers, but you’re always welcome at mine!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Aww, thanks! I just clicked over to your blog and I’ve not had a chance to explore much yet, but from the categories at the top, I’m already really excited to read your posts! Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. 🙂


  27. You can talk to me!!! I’m not scary at all! And I like reading your blog!

    Also, if it makes you feel better, I don’t “like” every post I read, even if I actually like it, because I think it would be annoying if I liked practically EVERY post on someone’s blog. :p But maybe not. Maybe they’d actually appreciate it.

    Also, I had no idea what I was doing when I first started blogging. I probably followed like 5 other bloggers and didn’t really know what was happening in the community and just did my own thing. I was legitimately scared the first time someone left a comment. I was just sitting at home like “WHO ARE YOU AND HOW DID YOU FIND ME?!”

    So basically it’s taken me about five years to even remotely look like I know what I’m doing, and I’m still not doing what a bunch of other bloggers are doing. 😉

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! I actually don’t like every post I read either, even when I liked reading them, but I guess I never thought about other people doing that. Makes sense! It’s helpful to have that perspective; I’ve only been blogging for two months now, so I guess I can’t expect to feel like I have things together. Anyway, thank you for commenting. This was very helpful to hear. 🙂


      1. Pretty much all the new bloggers I see look as if they have things way more together than I did when I started! WordPress is telling me that in 2011 (blogging only May-December), we had about 1800 pageviews. :p The next year we had about 17,000. I can’t remember exactly what I did besides joining Twitter that year, but apparently it took that long for people to even realize the blog existed!

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