Random Roundup: Writing Related Posts

In which I’ve gathered 4 posts that are related to writing.¬†

Hello there, and welcome to the second Random Roundup. Today, let’s gather up some posts that pertain to writing. (Ranked from oldest to newest¬†this time, because I’m not sure how else to rank them. Most writing-ish to least writing-ish???)

1. Link to a Guest Post, and a Word on Process

guest post process

Will reading about my writing process help your writing at all? No, most likely not. But I don’t have as many writing-related posts as I thought I did, so deal.

2. Trouble With Your Novel? Try This!

trouble with novel try this
Guess I was less excited by the time I made this featured image. Period rather than exclamation point.

This might be slightly helpful to you. You should at least give it a try if you’re having trouble. Because personally, I’ll try anything when I’m having trouble.

3. Cute App That Can Be Used For Writing

cute app for writing

You might find this app helpful for visualising your characters.

4. How To Set Up An Inspiring Workspace, Part 1


If you’re going to write, you need a place to do it.

Thank you guys for reading my second Random Roundup.

I would like to quickly acknowledge all the nice things people said on my last post. You guys are seriously the best. I don’t even understand.

Have a lovely day!
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