How To Set Up an Inspiring Workspace, Part 2

In which I examine two real life workspaces (not my own desk for once!)

In Part 1, I shared some tips on how to create an inspiring workspace. Now, we’re going to see some real life workspaces. Since I post an awful lot of pictures of my desk, I decided we’d look at some others today.

Jack’s Workspace

My youngest brother likes to write, draw, and build with legos. So his desk is very clear, allowing him a lot of space to do whatever he’s doing.


As you can see, Jack likes to have fun little items around him just like I do. However, he’s a lot more neat and tidy than I am, so this is a great example of how to have stuff without looking cluttered. He does this by keeping the majority of his knick-knacks off of his workspace, displaying them on shelves instead.

Jack collects plushies and game/movie/TV related memorabilia. He’s also got some books, games, notebooks, and legos on his shelves.

I really like Jack’s space because it’s fun, playful, but also neat.

Keegan’s Workspace

Keegan is a youtuber, so his desk is set up for making videos and gaming.


It’s very clean and uncluttered. He doesn’t have any knick-knacks or personal items on his desk itself.


Behind his desk, though, he’s got a bit more going on.


He just recently switched his room around so he’d have a better backdrop for his videos. You can see that his bookshelf contains books, fandom memorabilia, and stuff. He’s also got a bulletin board, some records, his guitar, and some video game art on his wall. All of this will make a great background in his videos.


So there you go! Two real life workspaces broken down. As you can see, both are influenced by what they are used for and by the personality of their inhabitant.

Have a lovely day!
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10 thoughts on “How To Set Up an Inspiring Workspace, Part 2

  1. Your brothers are seriously organized; my and my brother’s rooms were disasters Legos, art supplies, books, and clothes when we were growing up. I’m pretty sure we both still have Lego shrapnel embedded in our feet. Thumbs up to your brothers for living like respectable human beings. 😀

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  2. HOW is your youngest brother SO neat and tidy?! My oldest son is a Lego builder, a gamer, and he even has the plush Creeper, and there is NO WAY his stuff would ever be that organized!! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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