Random Question Time?

In which I answer a bunch of questions that are supposed to help you guys get to know me. Or something.

I did say I wouldn’t be posting much, and it seems I have kept my word, because it’s been what, three days? I’ve been writing A LOT and also reading Oliver Twist. So that’s what I’ve been up to.

I just kind of wanted to do something light today, and I got this idea from FofoFl’or, of the lovely blog Hush Speak Softly. I’ll probably skip a lot and maybe change some a bit. We’ll see how I’m feeling. It’s just a bunch of random questions, so you guys can know more about me, I guess? So, here we go!

1. What is my middle name?


2. What was my favourite subject in school?

Tie between English and History.

Though I also loved Psychology. And Chemistry. And Anatomy & Physiology. And Medical Terminology. And Spanish. And Art. And Music. And actually everything besides Math (Geometry was okay, however).

I just really miss school, okay?!

3. Something I could name my son dog

(Because I’m never having children)

There is a 99% chance that any future dog will be named after a fictional character. As to which fictional character, it would depend on the dog.

4. The last thing I bought?

A tiny composition notebook.

5. My favourite colour?

Red. Especially dark red.

6. Do I have any pets?


These two adorable fools. Pets of the past have included hermit crabs, a turtle, lots of fish,  a lizard, a wounded quail, and a lot of other dogs.

7. Favourite perfume?

Fun fact: most perfumes make me cough and die. (Well, maybe not die, but I’ll have an asthma attack.)

8. If I was a flower

I thought about this and the fact is I’m not terribly flower-like in any way at all.

9. Do I speak any other languages? 

I’m fluent in Gallifreyan (I’m kidding. I wish I was.)

Spanish, some French, some Arabic, and I’m currently learning Karen. Oh, and English, although, like most languages, I understand it quite well but butcher it when I try to speak.

10. How many siblings do I have?

Two brothers.


11. Last time I cried?

I don’t even remember.

12. Favorite TV Show?

I want to say either Doctor Who, Sherlock, Star Trek (The Original Series), The Twilight Zone, or Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

13. How tall am I?


14. What kind of phone do I have?

Finally decided to try an iPhone because my mother offered me her old one, but I think I’m switching back. I like it, but I like Android more.

15. Can I cook?

Sometimes. I’m easily distracted, though.

16. What I do for a living

I’m a caregiver (but that might be changing…)

I think that’s all the questions I’m going to answer! Have a lovely day!
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12 thoughts on “Random Question Time?

  1. What are the names of those … fools? Hell! They are adorable! *They’d be furious if they read this post! ( just kidding)
    Well what are their names?
    PS: I love that expression of your brother! I usually ruin pics (Others’ pics of course) with that kind of face! *Evil laugh*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The golden retriever is Trigger and the chihuahua/dachshund mix is Zoe (she came to us with that name and it is incredibly confusing because it sounds so much like mine). Haha, well one of my friends said she always makes weird faces in pictures because she’ll probably look weird anyway and at least that way it’s intentional. Can’t argue with that! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. wow i love reading your answers Chloe! and the fact that you took the initiative to answer the questions! is there any reason why you never wanna have children if i may ask!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thanks! Well, I love being around children, I’ve just never had the desire to have children of my own. I suppose that if I were to have children, I feel that they would deserve my full devotion. I greatly admire people who decide to do that, but I just have so many other plans for my life. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. awee okay! i respect that and the fact that people want different things from life, also you’d rather not have them than have them and be a bad and irresponsible mom! good luck with your dreams go girl!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you for understanding! Exactly. I had one of the best mothers in the world and she gave up a lot for us. If I couldn’t live up to her (and at this point in my life, I couldn’t!) then I wouldn’t want to be a mom at all.

        Liked by 1 person

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