Because There is Nothing More Fun than Other People’s Vacation Photos

In which you get some idea of what it would be like to take a road trip with me. 

Hello everyone! I’m back from my little trip. I only read one and a half books, (or…actually less than that because I was nearly done with The Thirteenth Tale before I left) but I had a great time. I absolutely love Seattle and never get tired of going there.  I’m quite fortunate in that I live less than a day away from it.

I thought this evening that I’d just share some photos with you. Because, as everyone knows, nothing is more exciting than seeing someone else’s vacation photos! (It’s sarcasm. I’m being sarcastic.)

*pulls out dusty projector and passes out popcorn*

Fair warning though, I don’t take a lot of pictures on trips, and when I do, I take pictures of weird things. I usually just tell Keegan to send me his. He’s the better photographer, anyway (don’t tell him I said that, though.) But since this is my blog, I tried to mostly use my own photos.


I haven’t been to the EMP (Experience Music Project) since I was super little, so it was fun to go again. Right now, they have an Indie gaming exhibit which was awesome! The picture at the top of this post is a shot  I took of the outside of the building with the space needle in the background.

My family walking up the steps, looking dramatic in black and white

They’ve also got a science fiction exhibit there, and my brothers and I were ecstatic to see a Dalek and a Cyberman (they were safely behind glass, otherwise it would have been slightly more alarming).

Photo credit: Keegan

“I was about to pack my sonic screwdriver, and then I thought, ‘what’s there going to be to sonic on this trip?’ So I left it. And now, I’M GOING TO DIE.”


The sound lab is super fun because they have all these sound-proof rooms where you can play instruments or sing. I headed for one of the singing rooms, and spent the first 4 minutes or so of the 10 minute time limit unable to recall a single song lyric, despite the fact that I have an estimated 5,923,890,024.76 songs memorised.

Me, awkwardly standing there while little kids throw themselves against the door

And then, it took a while to assure myself that no one could hear me, despite the fact that there were a lot of people outside. It was uncomfortable, but fun!

After that, I messed around with the guitar for a bit. I forgot how much I loved playing! Might be time to pull my acoustic out of my closet.

Not sure why I look like a guitar-playing serial killer in this picture

Barnes and Noble

Later, we went to Northgate mall. I love going to Barnes and Noble there because it’s bigger than the one we have at home.

So many books. So many.

I was, however, unimpressed by their rather anaemic selection of Les Miserables. Only four??????


They had these adorable little sticky flag things which I was so tempted to get, but didn’t. I regret it already.


After the bookstore, we went to an Italian place. Keegan and I decided to split a seafood pasta dish, and we were so glad we split it, because it was a lot of food! It was delicious, though. Other things I ate this trip included fish and chips (twice).

I think that face signifies that he’s enjoying his food.

Pike’s Place

I don’t know that we’ve ever been to Seattle without going to Pike’s Place. We nearly skipped it this time, but decided to at the last moment. You just can’t not go.

I like it because we pretty much know where everything is after being there so many times. (As Keegan said, “We’re fairly local. We’ve been around.” And then we high-fived because TØP reference).

If you’re at Pike’s Place, be sure to check out the Lionheart Bookstore. It’s awesome, the man is super friendly and great at his job, and it’s definitely one of my favourite shops. I couldn’t leave it without buying something, so I finally got a copy of Fahrenheit 451. It’s one of my favourite books and I’m so glad to finally have it on my bookshelf.

I also got a lovely crumpet with lemon curd and ricotta cheese at the Crumpet Shop, and while I was there I purchased some delightful tea which I’m enjoying as I write this post.

Was this the best thing I ate this trip? Could be.

A few months ago, I was driving along, listening to NPR and minding my own business, when they said the gum wall was being cleaned up. I actually whispered “No,” out loud because…because NO! You can’t clean up the gum wall!

It warmed my heart to see it already making its way back. To celebrate this triumph of human spirit, I, for the first time, added my own piece.

Here it is, ready to join its brethren. (For some reason the flash makes it look like there’s fire coming out of it, but I promise no flames were involved.)

The Waterfront

One time my family went to Seattle without me, and they rode the Great Wheel. I have never forgiven them for that, especially since they have refused to ride it with me in subsequent trips. But I can forgive them now because this time I finally got to do it!

Photo credit: Jack


I feel like it should have gone a lot faster and made you feel like you were about to fall into the ocean and die, but my mother says it’s supposed to be relaxing.

Driving Home

The best thing about going on road trips with your parents is never having to drive. As the family member with the shortest legs, I always ride in the way back, but that’s okay because I get to lay on the pillows and luggage. I made good use of the drive home, alternating my time between listening to music and reading.



As much as I love going on trips, I’m happy to return to my bookshelf, my desk, my laptop, and my tea.


If you stuck with me through this post, I love you. (I love you even if you didn’t, but since you’re not here, you don’t get to hear me say it. Sorry.)

Have a lovely day!

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18 thoughts on “Because There is Nothing More Fun than Other People’s Vacation Photos

  1. Love this post! Love even more your workspace!! Seattle is such a lovely city to visit, and your perspective of the city just made it that much better! (Also, while I am blog crushing here) Love love the site and your insight on books and characters! Looking forward to more stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. i very much like the first picture, the black and white is awesome and also they way you pictured people who aren’t particularly paying attention to the camera! puts more art and meaning into it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Holy FSM I need to get those page flags….at least the Pride and Prejudice ones. Can’t stand Romeo and Juliet. My nearest Barnes and Noble is an hour and a half away, will have to pick some up when I have to go to that side of the lake…..

    And thanks for making me homesick for Seattle. I was born there, lived there until I was 13.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I’ll definitely try! I’ll for sure pay a visit to the gum wall if I end up visiting, what a quirky idea 😛 We just stayed with a family friend in Honolulu for a few days when I was about eleven – my family was relocating to Canada for a couple of years and we stopped there on the way. It was beautiful but I’d love to see some of the mainland too!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Great pictures! Seattle looks like so much fun. Aside from 3 days in Hawaii I’ve never been to the US (unless a 7 hour stopover in LA airport counts … somehow, I don’t think it does) but I would love to do a massive trip around the country on day. Seattle is one of the places I’ve always wanted to go! Great post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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