5 Things I Learned in My First Month of Blogging

In which I celebrate my blog’s one month anniversary by sharing five things I’ve learned. 

Happy anniversary!

I simply cannot believe that it has been a month. But sure enough, it has. The fourteenth of March was when I started this blog; therefore, it has been a month.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has followed and supported me. I’ve had blogs in the past, but this one has definitely been the most fun, and it’s thanks to all of you!

Here are five things I’ve learned in my first month of blogging.

1. Don’t Try Too Hard

When I first started this blog, I was trying really, really hard. I wanted to sound smart and insightful, but also funny and relatable (my first about page—don’t want to think about it). I just went back and read my first post, and smiled a little at the weird collision of high school English essay and blogger voice. Just all over the place, really.

Remember: blog posts are not quite essays. Don’t be formal, don’t be too structured, and don’t edit too much. A conversational tone is desirable in a blog.

2. It’s Hard to Predict Which Posts Will Be Popular.

Step 1

When I look through my “Top Posts and Pages” widget, I’m always a bit surprised by the unlikely posts that show up there. The ones I worked really hard on usually languish away in a dark corner, and meanwhile, at this moment, “Getting Back on Track” tops the list with the most likes, which has me quite baffled.

So pretty much don’t worry about whether or not a post will be popular when you’re writing it. There’s just no telling, so there’s no reason even to think about it. And don’t get discouraged if a post you really thought was going to go viral doesn’t get any love. Just remind yourself that something completely trivial will end up topping your list, shake your head, and move on with life.

3. Have a Direction for Your Blog, Yes, But Don’t Let’s Be Rigid.

I was trying really, really hard to stick to the literary analysis thing. But then I had so many other things to say! Just when I was kind of feeling like starting over altogether, you guys let me know, in this poll, that you didn’t mind me just being myself and talking about random rubbish. That was very encouraging to me.

It’s okay for your blog’s focus to widen a bit. For example, mine still revolves around books, writing, etc., but it’s not just literary analyses (which were my least popular posts, anyway) anymore. It’s your blog, no one is forcing you to do this. So why impose strict rules on yourself?

4. Be Yourself

Don’t hide your obsessions. People will notice them. Anyway, they are what make you unique. Don’t try to sound like someone you’re not, and don’t be ashamed of who you are. Blogging is intensely personal, and your readers want to see that there is a person behind the blog.

5. Read Other Blogs

That’s the major thing I’ve done differently with this blog than I have with past blogs. I’ve read other blogs. I learn from them, get ideas from them, and am immensely entertained by them.

Don’t expect to get readers without being a reader yourself.

Those are just a few of the things I’ve learned. Thank you so very much for all of your support. I look forward to many more months of blogging!

What are some things you’ve learned in however long you’ve been blogging?

Have a lovely day!
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24 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned in My First Month of Blogging

  1. Lovely post!
    Also, CONGRATULATIONS ON ONE MONTH! *gives you celebratory cupcakes* (it’s almost 2 when I’m commenting but whatever)

    I love these tips because they’re all SO TRUE.
    I started blogging back in 2013 and I’ve learnt so much overtime and the best part is that we all keep learning things, which is great.

    In the beginning I used to be really strict with myself about what I’d post but since then have learnt that when I post what I feel like (and what I enjoy writing about) my readers enjoy it more because I’m being myself.


  2. you are the one who made me realize my blog is one month old too exactly as old as yours, am probably going to post about it too, and all the things you say are true i only wish i knew them when i started blogging!

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  3. I definitely bleed when I see that the main reason of my blog too has the least views, the personal experiences part had way more number of views than the reviews.

    Also, you seem to have posted a lot and that leaves me baffled! What inspires you to write so much?
    Half the time i am on wp reader and it’s very rare that i get the urge to write!

    And yes, the more the personal touch, the better a blog performs!
    Any ways congrats about it!
    PS: Yesterday was the anniversary of mine too!

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    1. I think it’s because writing is my only way of expressing myself. I don’t get my ideas across very well when I speak, and I have a soft voice which people ignore, haha. So by the end of the day I have a lot of things to say, and some of those things end up on my blog. Congratulations on your anniversary as well!

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