Happy April Blogging Challenge Day 6

In which I attempt to explain why (Over)Analysing Literature is so named. 



6. The meaning behind your blog name.

A fact about my personality: I tend to overthink things a little.

I live in the moment, but like, a little bit off to the side of the moment, examining it and turning it over in my mind. And thinking ten steps ahead of the moment. And comparing the moment to relevant past moments. And calculating possible outcomes of the moment, along with the appropriate course of action should any one of those outcomes occur.

Basically, I over-analyse.

I wanted to make a literary analysis blog, and the name just immediately popped into my head.

The title is kind of ironic because the one thing I try not to over-analyse is literature.  I feel like the point is easily lost if we do that. At its most fundamental, literature is about stories. Theme and symbolism and stuff like that make those stories meaningful, but I truly do believe that you can still enjoy the story without getting all of them. And we don’t want to forget that, or judge people who read simply to be entertained.

I don’t know that there’s too much meaning behind it, beyond that. I just thought it had a nice ring to it. (And I love parentheses.)

Let’s not over-analyse my blog name.
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4 thoughts on “Happy April Blogging Challenge Day 6

  1. I like the blog name, and your gravatar name. And, wow, SO MUCH to be said for NOT overanalyzing literature! Why can’t we just enjoy the story – and if there are some important symbols or recurring themes, sure, that’s fun, too – but don’t make it be so important that it overrides the message of the tale itself!

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