Happy April Blogging Challenge!

In which I do day-one of a challenge thing. 

UPDATE: I will now only be partially participating; if I feel one of the days fits well with this blog, I’ll do it. 

I’m going to be participating in the Happy April Blogging Challenge, created by Synne Sørgjerd of Synnical Thoughts.

The first one is:

  1. A photo of yourself & description of your day.

Since I unwittingly did this yesterday, I won’t do that again today. But I am going to do my best this month to otherwise stick with this and not skip days.

It should be fun!

Regular posts will continue. I’m still working on my analysis posts on The Great Gatsby. After that, I’ll move onto another book (maybe I’ll let you guys vote).

Thank you guys for how patient and kind you all are. I know I’m not doing a great job sticking to the premise of this blog, and I keep posting random things. As much as I appreciate your patient support, feedback is always welcome, and it won’t hurt my feelings if someone says, “Hey Chloe, you’re posting too much random things. I’d rather read more posts about  ____________.”

Have a lovely day!

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4 thoughts on “Happy April Blogging Challenge!

  1. I found that when I stopped trying to confine my blog to one subject/topic/theme, it was a lot easier to keep posting. You have your own distinct voice and passions, inevitably your blog will reflect you and it will just flow. 🙂

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