Why I Love Used Books

I did this video a few days ago, then forgot about it completely! But here it is. Just an informal little chat about some things I’ve found in used books.

11 thoughts on “Why I Love Used Books

    1. Haha! I’ve yet to find money in a book, but maybe one day! Although once in a library book I did find a note saying “if you are reading this, you will die tonight.” I was pretty young and it scared me. I didn’t sleep that night, but I’m still here!

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  1. i can completely relate and the feeling of having to share some intimate moments of reading with a stranger is amazing, you know when you get to some lines somewhere in a book and you stop by and inhale because the lines are so beautiful or full of thought and sense, i learnt so many thinks from books and i like to think of them as treasures that many ignore, i also once found a little pink comb in a book one day, it was funny but i thought of it as books have treasures we can never think of, and somehow i wish every reader would leave a note to the anonymous next person thats going to read that book it would be so beautiful! nice video

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    1. I think we should make that a thing! If I had a used book store (wow I would really love to have a used bookstore!) I would encourage people to write a note to the next reader when they trade in their books.

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      1. you could open one..lol that depends on where you are in life and the resources you have of course but it could be beautiful but i also heard you say you don’t plan on giving up your books, i get so attached to books too!

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      2. me too i used to do that in high school borrow a pile of books from the library and i wouldn’t even read them all, just enjoy the view of them besides my bed!

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