It is Possible that I Have a Problem

In which it turns out I am weak in the face of peer pressure and aesthetically-pleasing books. 

Today my brother and I went to the bookstore. There are a few books I’ve been meaning to purchase, books that I don’t already have copies of. Certainly not books that I already have two copies of.

Do you know where this is going, yet?

I found a beautiful copy of Lord of the Flies, a title which I have been meaning to add to my collection for years. Seriously, every time I’m on the verge of getting it, I end up getting something else instead. But not this day. This was finally going to be the day. The time had come. I went up to the counter, and then I saw it.

Displayed on a shelf on the front of the counter, was this beauty.


The next thing I know, I’m on my knees, taking it off the shelf, holding it, gazing at it…

The girl behind the counter speaks. “Can I help you find anyth–” Here, she peers over the counter and sees what I am holding. “Oh! You’ve found that copy of Les Miserables! Isn’t it awesome?” 

I agree, then turn to my brother. He is always rolling his eyes at my obsession; he will surely prove the voice of reason. He will tell me not to buy this book.

He takes it from me and opens the cover, then gasps and points to the end papers.


“Viva la Vida!”

“‘Liberty Leading the People.’ It was art before it was an album cover,” I correct him, even though I’m also a Coldplay fan.

“You need to get it,” the unhelpful Coldplay fan says, handing it back to me.

The bookstore girl agrees.

“I have two at home…” I say, weakly.

“But are they as pretty as that one?” She asks, and the answer is no. Of course they are not. This is a beautiful, beautiful book. It’s also used and very not expensive. And it’s the Isabel F. Hapgood translation, so it’s not one I already have…

I stand up, handing Lord of the Flies to Keegan and asking him to please put it back for me. Sorry, William Golding, one day I swear. 

I bought it. How could I not? Maybe 3 copies of one book is too much for one bookshelf, but do I look like someone who cares?


And Before We Conclude, Let Us Admire It




Such beauty!

So maybe I have a problem, but at the end of the day, I’m delighted with this book and that’s all that matters!

Have a lovely day!

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4 thoughts on “It is Possible that I Have a Problem

  1. LOL I LOVE it! I remember being a teen and when all of my friends were at the mall at Express, Gap and Abercrombie, I hid in Walden Books looking for the latest Dragonriders of Pern books. Enjoy your beautiful book, even though she has 2 sisters on the shelf, she’s still one of a kind!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for commenting! It’s definitely my biggest obsession at the moment. I hadn’t planned on unleashing it on this blog, but what are blogs for if not to rant about your obsessions?

      And yeah, obsessions with books/shows/movies/hobbies/bands/whatever-makes-people-happy = good. Obsession with drugs and alcohol = not so good. 🙂


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